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Tree Frog Name Labels

Our challenge is to put an end to all lost property boxes!


Name labels for school, office, gym, nursery, home or club

We know at the end of every school PE lesson, home time, term and year there are an enormous amount of costly unclaimed clothes, shoes, bags, lunch boxes etc. And kids will love our colourful and fun animal themed name labels.

You are never too young or too old

We know that at the end of every club, gym, sports session, camping trip, festival ,work place, training centre, in fact anywhere people meet with their personal belongings, items are mislaid, forgotten and mixed up.
boys happy pink tops 2

Every item will be returned to it’s rightful owner

Make sure you get your items back, by simply personalising them with your name, on our stick-on and woven name labels.‚Äč